Thodoris Armaos was born and raised in Athens. He studied Film at the New York College and worked as a director and editor in many student film projects during his studies.

He then went on to work as an editor and director in short and long films, television series and publicity spots, video clips and corporate videos.

He was assistant editor and sound editor in movies "A Touch of Spice" (2003), "Hardcore" (2004), "Loukoumades me Meli" (Doughnuts with honey, 2005), "Kinetta" (2005), "Loufa kai Parallagi: Sirines sto Aigaio" (Lazy in the Αrmy: Sirens of the Aegean Sea, 2005), "Uranya" (2006) and, later on, editor in films "Psichremia" (Keep Calm, 2007) and "Loufa kai Parallagi: I4" (Lazy in the Army: I4, 2008).

Thodoris Armaos has also worked for numerous short films, many of which have participated in prestigious festivals and won various awards. Amongst them are short films "Exit" (2005, participated in the Clermont Ferrand festival), "I coupa" (The Mug, 2006, 1st prize at the student sector of the Film Festival of Drama, Greece), "I arkouda" (The bear, 2008), "Ki ego gia mena" (I'm For Me Too, 2009, awarded for editing, sound design and best film at the Film Festival of Drama, Greece) and "O Marios kai to Koraki" (Mario and the Crow, 2010, awarded best South and Eastern European Film at the Film Festival of Drama, Greece). He has also worked as editor in television series "45 lepta me ti Mara Zacharea" (45 minutes with Mara Zacharea), "Savvato kai m' Aresei" (Saturday and loving it), "Fakelloi" (Archives), "Gia Panta Protathlites" (Champions for Ever) and "Protagonistes" (Protagonists, editing and directing). Since September, 2010, he has been working with series "Reportaz Choris Sinora" (Reportage with No Borders).