Pavlos started working for newspapers, magazines and theaters upon finishing his studies in photography. His first personal work, "Dolls" (1997), a project about transexuals, was exhibited at the 1998 Biennale in Nice, France.

In 1999, he completed the series "Identities", portraits of the mentally ill at the Athens Mental Hospital (Photosyngyria, 2000). His photographic essay "Land Ends", documenting Europe' s most Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western borderlands, received an award at the Thessaloniki photo biennale in 2008. That same year, he participated at the Arles Photo Festival (France) with his project "Nuit de l'Europe". He has also been commissioned to photograph the island of Skopelos (Greece).

Part of his work is exhibited at the permanent collection of the Thessaloniki Photography Museum. Pavlos also teaches photography at the drug rehabilitation center '18Αno'.