Imam Baildi is a very popular Southeast Mediterranean dish consisting of aubergine stuffed with onion, garlic, and tomatoes and simmered in olive oil. It is a fine blend, such as the one offered by Lysandros (drums, percussion) and Orestis (DJ, programming) Falireas - only in musical terms!

The Falireas brothers stem from a family with a long connection with Greek music genre rebetiko: their father owned both a record label specializing in the genre and a popular record shop in the center of Athens with a vast 78rpm vinyl collection. Therefore, the idea of mixing rebetiko with different types of music came about naturally to the siblings that grew up in such a rich musical environment.

Their self-titled debut was released in 2007 by EMI Greece and received great critical acclaim, followed by more than 130 live shows in Greece and around Europe, including support slots for Massive Attack, Ojos De Brujo and Gogol Bordello and performances at France's Transmusicales de Rennes and Denmark's Roskilde Festival.

Imam Baildi have just released their second collective project bearing the name 'The Imam Baildi Cookbook'.